The possibilities are endless when personalizing stone & tile flooring.


Our resilient waterproof floors can be installed in wet areas, without swelling or warping when exposed to water.

Why Choose Waterproof Flooring?

Short for luxury vinyl tile, LVT is designed to replicate hard surface flooring materials such as stone or wood, yet provide many more practical benefits. Waterproof luxury vinyl is one of the best flooring products to use in wet areas. It is mold and mildew resistant and very affordable compared to other flooring products. It will not crack like ceramic, nor cup, warp or twist as many hardwoods will under moist conditions. It simply is one of the easiest products to maintain in offices, retail, hospitality or in residences.
Waterproof is a resilient flooring that many organizations are adopting. It has gained popularity because its cost has come down in recent years & manufacturers have developed innovative options. New LVT flooring is creating new design possibilities & improving the warmth of commercial spaces while reducing flooring maintenance costs. Even the most trained of eyes have a hard time distinguishing it from the products that it mimics. It is the solution for the current generation of smart, savvy consumers, that lasts longer.

Finish Layer

With transparent UV coating, the finish layer adds resistance to scratching, scuffing & mar

Wear Layer

Transparent wear layer protects against excessive wear & adds cleanability and stain protection

Design Layer

Printed film layer is printed in high resolution for realistic wood graining and vivid color

Extruded Core

The extruded core is waterproof and inert, providing stability for the product and preventing expansion & contraction

Click Connector

Integrated locking edges reduce installation time and costs, whilst the floating installation limits floor preparation & eliminates telegraphing


Provides added sound dampening from foot traffic, floor to floor sound transfer and naturally resists mold & mildew

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Exceptional Value

With beautiful, authentic-looking designs, an easy, no-mess installation, and guaranteed long-term wear, LVT waterproof flooring promises a better experience every step of the way.

Quick Installation

Minimizes facility wide installation time by allowing multiple looks (stone, wood,carpet, etc.) with one installation method.

Authentic Looks

Emulates premium materials in look & performance for a fraction of the price.


Being the industry’s focus of innovation has allowed LVT products to advance quickly in performance & design.


Flexibility & Performance

Our resilient, durable waterproofed flooring stand up to real life. Whether dealing with messy pets, high-streams of foot traffic, or even catastrophic plumbing failures, our 100% waterproof core, resilient vinyl and a protective wear layer will keep your floor looking good for many years to come.

Health Care

Hospitals, ambulatory care centers, doctor’s offices


Corporate offices & spaces, conference rooms, waiting rooms, hotels


High-end restaurants & dining rooms


Luxury Vinyl Flooring Benefits

Quick Installation

Waterproof flooring can be quickly installed in two ways, either with glue or with a loose-lay floor. Using newer loose-lay systems makes it possible to use LVT with minimal surface preparation. Installation costs & times,  are minimized.


Luxury vinyl tile has a softer surface than other flooring materials, like wood or stone, which is more comfortable underfoot and sound reducing, which is a very important trait for many facilities.


Traditional hardwood and stone flooring options are more costly than LVT. If you’re looking for a durable alternative at a much lower cost, look no further than waterproof core (WPC) flooring.


Everyday life is hard on flooring surfaces. Therefore, choosing a flooring material that guards against mishaps is crucial. LVT is easy to clean, won’t chip, and is waterproof - perfect for kitchens, bathrooms & below ground

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Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) replicates hard surface flooring, with waterproofing benefits.