Installation Services

Project planning, material procurement, logistics & installation - our experienced team oversees it all.

Smart Project Management

From project inception to final punch lists, we manage every detail of your flooring installation to ensure a smooth project and a quality floor. Project planning, material procurement, logistics and installation - our experienced team oversees it all.

Our experienced team can help you achieve your design vision and realize the greatest value for your floor.

Intelligent Logistics

Our end-to-end logistics network allows us to meet even the tightest project schedules. With extensive machinery, warehouse space and trained personnel, we can rapidly move materials anywhere in the U.S. and deliver any installation - no matter how big.

A dedicated manager coordinates deliveries to ensure materials and personnel arrive at your job site when needed.

    Product Care & Maintenance

    To attain the greatest value from your flooring, you’ll need a dedicated maintenance plan. For some flooring materials, quarterly or bi-annual cleaning is enough to ensure your flooring lasts and looks great for years to come.

    We help you determine what’s best for the long-term value of your flooring.

    Project Planning

    With a full staff of experienced flooring specialists, we can help you select the greatest-value flooring for your budget, design, facility environment and project timeline.

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    • Specification & Design
    • Lifecycle Costing
    • Testing & Preparation
    • Estimation

    Experienced Experts

    We work closely with our manufacturing partners for training and certification. Our seasoned flooring professionals are experts in a large variety of products and advanced services.

    We can even train specifically for your project if you require a unique or complex flooring solution.

    Procurement Advantage

    We have established partnerships with manufacturers nationwide and can quickly procure flooring at the best prices.

    We provide a dedicated manager to oversee procurement on your project and source materials in time to meet your schedule. Throughout your project, we keep every stakeholder up to date and eliminate any uncertainty.