Crystal clear visuals that look & feel like hardwood or stone, plus a surface that resists scratches, stains, dents & moisture.

Why Choose Laminate?

Due to its synthetic blend, laminate is more affordable than more premium natural options, such as wood, ceramic tile or stone. But commercial grade laminate flooring still provides great durability, as it resists scratches, sunlight, and even heavy wear & tear. For the best results, purchase laminate that has the highest AC Rating, a measure of a floor’s durability.

Since laminate uses digital images, it can take on the look of nearly any natural material with limitless colors and finishes, such as smooth, distressed, textured and more. New, glue-free & pre-glued laminates reduce installation waste & costs, while options have emerged with pre-attached underlay or no underlay, speeding up the installation process. Laminates are also hypoallergenic & easy to clean and maintain.

Topcoat Layer

Highly abrasion resistant, top surface that protects the floor from scratching, staining, scuffing and also protects the printed design layer below. The topcoat layer is a combination of melamine with aluminum oxide particles, making it extremely durable

Visual Layer

Photographic image layer of either a real hardwood plank, ceramic tile, stone or some other material. The images are extremely clear, vibrant and realistic. Combined with texturizing the topcoat layer, this creates a true, authentic looking, natural floor appearance

Core Layer

The inner core is a high-density fiberboard and also used to form the tongue & groove edges for locking laminated planks together. The core is also the base for the photographic image & wear layers. We also saturate the inner core with water-resistant sealer to help protect from moisture

Backing Layer

The backing layer is located on the very bottom of your laminate flooring, and serves as the foundation. More than anything else, the backing layer works to protect both the laminate and the subflooring. The backing layer is extremely water-resistant.

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Commercial-grade laminate flooring with a high AC Rating can stand up to many environments and is suitable for a wide range of uses.

Perfect for food consumption areas, as laminate is easy to clean. It’s great for offices that want a natural look and durability without high cost. Laminate can work in high-traffic areas, such as foyers and entrances, though it doesn’t handle moisture well, so it should be used in combination with matting and rugs.

Where laminate sits on concrete subfloors at or below ground level, underlayment and possibly a moisture barrier are required to protect your floor. At Florida Carpet Service, we can help you with moisture mitigation and testing to reduce risks and ensure your flooring lasts.



Laminate flooring is a highly cost-effective solution, as it limits up-front costs when compared with traditional flooring materials.

Great value for money, with long-term cost savings, make laminate an ideal flooring choice, due to it's unbeatable price vs performance ratio, when compared to traditional hardwood flooring. It is also a low maintenance & easy care flooring, as there is no need to wax or polish, and laminate will continue to look new, for many years to come.


Laminate Benefits


Available in a range of timber & authentic oak color tones, from light to dark and individual, distinguished planks. Our products deliver floors of timeless beauty to enrich any interior.


Looks & feels like a precious hardwood floor – unrivaled in depth & precision of how the structure meets perfectly with the decor. Produced with the latest embossing technology & features micro-bevel edges.


Unbeatable Price vs Performance ratio compared to traditional hardwood floors. Great value for money with long-term cost savings making it the ideal choice for your flooring solution.


Produced at the industry's most modern, environmentally friendly production facilities in the United States.


Superior abrasion, scratch & impact resistance as well as color fast (anti-fade) & anti-static properties.


Produced to strict world-class standards. For healthy living, emissions of vapors are the same natural-state wood.

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Great value for money, with long-term savings