Carpet solutions fit for purpose, sourced from the best suppliers in the industry.

Like a fresh coat of paint, new carpeting can instantly revitalize a space, transforming its look & feel.
But we forget that there are so many applications on the market that each demands our time.

When considering a new carpet, selection and quality are the key factors. Florida Carpet Service offers a wide variety of carpet colors, styles, textures, and fibers. Whatever your design preference - traditional, eclectic or contemporary - we have the perfect carpet for your home.

Why Choose Carpet?

Carpet offers a complete range of design options to create your ideal atmosphere. It insulates well and can play a part in creating an environmentally friendly facility. Carpet can support a welcoming, playful aesthetic, create a bold, innovative look or communicate a premium, upscale feel and artistic environment. It’s generally softer, more comfortable and more inviting than any other type of flooring. Understanding the environment of your carpet, along with your design aesthetic and your budget can help you choose the best solutions.


One of the biggest advantages of carpet flooring is that it hides dirt even in high traffic areas. However, carpet still requires maintenance &cleaning cleaning like other flooring types. Proper maintenance and cleaning both promotes a healthy work environment & helps to prolong life spans.


Long term carpet tile & broadloom performance and appearance retention translates not only to keeping the space looking better longer, but to a flooring that has a lighter environmental impact and lower total cost of ownership.

Style & Design

The versatility and flexibility of carpet  offers nearly limitless design possibilities without compromising style, quality and value. Carpet is a durable solution for the commercial space, allowing added texture, edgy combinations and endless options in running line and custom patterns.

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Carpet Tile

Carpet tile provides easy & expeditious installation compared with broadloom, reducing cost and streamlining schedule. Over time, maintenance is easy, since you can quickly remove each individual tile to clean or replace it if it becomes damaged.

Carpet tiles, also called carpet squares or modular carpet, come in pre-sized squares with their own integrated backing and base. They sit directly on your substrate. Your installer will lay individual tiles one at a time, with minimal cutting, only resizing certain pieces where necessary.

Our Carpet Tile range provides limitless possibilities, bringing innovation, durability, style and environmental credentials to any project.



Broadloom is the traditional and still most popular choice of carpeting, and it comes with many design options, including patterns, colors, even mosaics - nearly limitless aesthetic possibilities. Since broadloom is installed over a carpet pad, it can look great even if your substrate has minor imperfections.

Driven by innovation and quality our commercial broadloom is specified for a wide range of projects including office and retail fit outs, public spaces, education facilities, hospitality venues and more. Designed for high traffic areas, the durability and versatility of these commercial carpets are perfect for your next project.

Quality broadloom that comes with a moisture backing offers superior stain resistance, and seams can be hidden well using chemical welding. Certain broadloom with the right underlay material can be used to create a softer and more plush feel than carpet tile allows. Generally speaking, broadloom carpets are less expensive than carpet tiles.


Installation Services


Broadloom and carpet tiles are specified more than any other commercial flooring type due to their proven performance in a wide range of applications from education to hospitality to retail and beyond. They’re some of the most aesthetically versatile, high-performing flooring materials on the market today - which is why carpet boasts a 45.4% share of the entire U.S. flooring market.

While we provide commercial carpet installation services throughout the state, our primary mission is to help you choose the flooring material that will provide the best long-term value for your application.


Carpet is a sound investment for a variety of reasons: Carpet is more efficient at reducing noise by a factor of 10, it bests other flooring materials in terms of lifecycle costs and the design possibilities on the market today are virtually limitless.

From carpet tile and broadloom to walk-off and static dissipative, we offer a wide range of carpet varieties to fit seamlessly with the design aesthetics of any room.

With the floor being the constant visual in any room, it’s important to have one that looks good without sacrificing functionality.


If you’re trying to determine if commercial carpet is the right flooring material for your facility or next project you need to carefully weigh your options. It’s important to fully consider material costs, labor costs, design preferences, performance expectations and other facility-specific considerations before investing in carpet.

That’s why our estimates go beyond analyzing up-front costs of materials and commercial carpet installations. We provide complete life-cycle costing to help you assess short & long-term costs while providing insight as to the best-value solutions for your application.


With innovative vertical installation technology and through our smart project management system, we can efficiently complete any commercial carpet installation project. Our experienced team coordinates material procurement so you’re never waiting on a specialty floor, and we can find time-sensitive material alternatives that speed up projects.

We have a highly trained, experienced staff & will train specifically for your project if your materials require unique procedures. Our installations are always well-managed and clean.

Broadloom & carpet tiles are specified more than any other commercial flooring type.