Flooring & Designs that Tell Your Story


In the modern workplace, where a flexible, multi-talented approach can deliver an extraordinary space that encourages employees to be happier, healthier and more productive; the floor plays a key element. It is no longer good enough to install the same floor throughout the entire space and so our multi-disciplinary approach enables transformative value.


Durability that outlives its warranty, our floors stand up to the high demands of corporate use


Our collections are popular for corporate office settings looking for a sophisticated aesthetic

In a corporate environment, having top-quality office flooring is crucial, both as the first impression many potential clients will see and in creating a comfortable environment for your employees. Our flooring comes in a wealth of design and color options at a surprisingly affordable price. With durability that outlives its warranty, our flooring will stand up to the high demands of corporate use, while representing your corporate style. Florida Carpet Service specializes in flooring for office areas, break rooms, cafeterias, elevators and beyond.

With a wide variety of colors and designs, our collections are inspired by nature’s canvas and other unique finishes. An option fitting for any company’s brand, our collections are popular for corporate office settings that are looking for a sophisticated aesthetic, with higher durability and easier and less costly installation than other flooring options.

Durability and ease of installation and maintenance of our flooring are just a couple of the reasons corporations choose Florida Carpet Services for their corporate flooring. Our flooring ranges are quick to install, meaning less downtime & faster completion date for any office construction or renovation project. Not only is our flooring quick to install, but it’s also long-lasting & easy to maintain - setting a foundation unsurpassed in performance.

The durability of our flooring offers long-lasting value in terms of cost of ownership and ease of maintenance, ultimately saving on cost. Our flooring performs in high-foot-traffic areas within corporate spaces such as break rooms and multi-purpose areas, and if necessary, maintenance can be done quickly and with minimal disruption.

We know that corporate flooring is important to a company’s image and the quality of life of its employees. We have experts that excel at finding the right fit for your office design. Contact one of our friendly and experienced office flooring professionals to lay the foundation of your office design with our award-winning flooring.


Whether a sports surface for a school, university, community or professional application, dynamic sports flooring can make the difference to your project. The most durable sports surfaces can withstand heavy weight loads - useful for arenas or gymnasiums that host concerts, trade shows or simply graduation ceremonies and school events.


Heavy-duty & flexible products that ensure that your flooring will be protected from damage & markings.


Easy upkeep enables cleaner exercise environments, allows for greater wellbeing & for more time exercising.

A Look to Be Proud of and Performance You Can Count On

Fitness flooring is built to last. Being in business for over 44 years, our flooring has outlived its warranty. Whether it’s a busy yoga studio, a dressing room at a gym or an athletic club at a college, our fitness flooring is durable and stable enough to stand up to the heavy foot traffic sports and recreational spaces typically bring.

In addition to providing long-lasting flooring, our collections have endless design options ideal for all types of fitness and recreational settings. Whether you’re looking to bring a natural zen to a calming yoga studio or you’re searching for a more traditional fitness flooring look, our gym flooring has plenty of design options.

Fitness flooring, more than most surfaces, gets a lot of use. But with our fitness flooring, maintenance and cleaning is easy. Premium flooring, by nature, is resistant to moisture. So, as long as messes are taken care of in a timely manner, cleaning up is a breeze. Less time spent maintaining means more time using the floor for exercise and wellness.

In such a fast-paced world, flooring needs to be able to keep up with the most active of lifestyles. Fitness flooring works well in a variety of sports and recreational spaces such as fitness and dance studios, athletic clubs, and personal training and aerobic spaces.


We have completed specialized healthcare flooring installation projects - from high-volume hospitals to behavioral health clinics, advanced care facilities and beyond. Our experienced flooring professionals have the extensive resources and expertise to plan and execute every detail of your healthcare flooring project.


Research studies have shown environments can affect patient outcomes, giving rise to evidence-based design.


We’re experienced & knowledgeable in meeting the strict regulatory requirements of both public & private facilities.

The healthcare industry - be it hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, dentists and doctor’s offices, or clinics - has at least one requirement in common: quality, healthcare flooring. In an industry where every physical aspect must be mindfully selected both for utility and aesthetics, the right healthcare flooring choice is essential. Healthcare facilities share our ideals and mission for only using the best healthcare flooring with design, quality, durability, and maintenance in mind.

Quality healthcare flooring is not only about utility - its functionality includes how aesthetics make a person feel. Waiting rooms and lobbies should feel comfortable and home-like. Florida Carpet Service's collections can help to reduce the stress of long hours and often-averse circumstances that require extended stays. And when resilient flooring is needed for larger, sterile environments like emergency rooms or intensive care units, we have multiple options that are the ideal choice.

Performance means many things. In our case, it means everything. Factors such as clean-ability, noise, comfort when standing and walking - as many healthcare providers do all day - and safe ease of use are all assets.

Comfort for those interacting with healthcare flooring is of the utmost importance.


In hospitality and leisure environments, the look of a floor can make or break the experience. The floor has to leave a lasting impression, but also needs to be tough enough to withstand intense use during long opening hours. If you are looking for a good-looking and practical floor for a busy restaurant, bar or hotel, our flooring collections are the perfect solution.


Our flooring creates an atmosphere that contributes to a great customer experience and brings visitors back, time & again.


Bold, premium materials in entrance ways & lobbies, with more standard but highly durable flooring for other common areas.

Aesthetically Pleasing & Safe Hospitality Flooring

Hospitality flooring - whether it’s in a restaurant, coffee shop or hotel - requires the perfect combination of comfort, cleanliness, and color scheme. A high frequency of foot traffic also demands hospitality flooring to be made of long-lasting design elements to ensure a certain level of reliability.

Florida Carpet Service's durable flooring collections consist of bold and dependable designs, textures and colors that make perfect assets for any restaurant, hotel, entertainment venue or cafeteria setting. Our flooring is featured in Holiday Inn hotels, Hamptons and various other dining and hospitality establishments statewide.

Our flooring is featured in many hospitality establishments throughout Tampa Bay partly due to our unique philosophy of providing quality flooring systems across all industries that are durable, aesthetically pleasing and easy to maintain.

The design & décor of hospitality flooring should be aesthetically pleasing to the eye & should coordinate well with surrounding branding efforts. With various looks & other unique finishes available, including designs from our various collections, Florida Carpet Service has designs perfect for any brand.

No matter the design of the space, the flooring chosen should help to create a comfortable and inviting experience for customers & employees with both the look & feel. Not only creating a comfortable look aesthetically, hospitality flooring should also be comfortable on foot, as hospitality employees are usually standing for long periods of time. Our flooring is ideal for both its design aesthetic & its comfort. Aside from choosing a beautiful design, hospitality flooring needs to be durable enough to withstand heavy foot traffic and continued use. Because the hospitality industry often involves food and refreshments services, any flooring system chosen needs to be able to withstand any spill or any mess.

Since 1975, Florida Carpet Service has proven itself as a quality flooring systems specialist through the creation of a series of inspired designs. The proof is in the success stories we’ve been able to create across many industries.


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